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Who We Are

At SA Compliance we are in the business of making compliance both simple and affordable to business owners.

Technology-driven compliance through practical integrated controls.

As a Financial Services business owner in South Africa keeping up with regulations and ensuring compliance can be a costly and time-consuming task. Regulation is complex and non-compliance means hefty fines or could result in closing down businesses. Business owners then either have to spend a lot of money or invest a lot of their own time into ensuring compliance with the various regulations that are applicable to them. This takes time away from doing what business owners should be doing, that is growing their businesses. Financial services is also a daunting area for new startups to venture into.

As experts in our field, we have assisted businesses to embed compliance practices into their everyday operations that creates efficiency and brings down your costs. We also will hold your hand as a start-up, to get your financial services licence and take you down the road of maintaining

Meet the Team

Tyran Naidoo

Tyran Naidoo


Tyran Naidoo had his humble beginnings as a compliance assistant in 2011. Being at the forefront of the then TCF model, he has gained a wealth of experience in Compliance Management, Risk management, Business Development Management, RE 1 and RE 5 Training and is also a licensed Compliance Officer with the FSCA. Through this diverse knowledge, he has created SA Compliance with a view of looking at Compliance in a non-traditional manner. In an ever-changing regulatory landscape. He has brought in experts in the Compliance industry, not just limited to FAIS but FIC, POPIA and Regulatory Training. His goal is to help with the transformation in the insurance sector.

Daneshree Padayachee

Daneshree Padayachee


Daneshree is an admitted attorney with over 17 years experience in the Insurance Sector in various roles.  In addition to her LLB, she holds a PG. Dip in Compliance Management, a Certificate in Risk Management and is a Chartered Secretary having successfully completed the Chartered Governance Institute’s Board Examinations.